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Transforming Conflict has been pioneering relational and restorative approaches in school settings and in children's homes since 1994.

We have been extending our support to Youth Offending Services for several years and the new Referral Panel Members' training course uses our unique model of restorative practice.

In recent years we have been offering training to teams working with vulnerable and troubled families as well as Community Safety Officers and Housing staff and we are now working with several local and unitary authorities supporting them in their quest to become fully restorative across all agencies and services.

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We have developed a unique institution-wide model that draws on best practice in community-building, communication skills, conflict resolution, mediation, group problem-solving and restorative conferencing. We know this model can also be of use in other environments where staff care for vulnerable people, including in secure settings.Indeed we can support staff work more effectively in any workplace setting where day-to-day relationships with colleagues and clients matter.

Here is what schools we have been supporting have reported:

  • At Ormesby School in Middlesborough, in its 5th year of using a whole school restorative approach, exclusions are down, attendance is up, the number of students finding themselves in trouble with the police is reduced, and exam results have improved. The school would attribute these changes in large measure to their restorative practice.
  • In Barnet in primary schools where restorative practice is used, evidence a few years ago showed a 50% reduction in exclusions whereas in all other Barnet schools over the same time fixed-term exclusion had risen by 50%.
  • Staff can benefit from improved relationships and interactions too. In Monmouth Comprehensive School not only have exclusions dropped to their lowest in the school’s history, but staff absenteeism due to stress has dropped significantly. The introduction of relatrional and restorative approaches have impacted on relationship management and also on teaching and learning:
  • The number of students receiving a fixed-term exclusion has dropped by 84%
  • Number of days lost to exclusion has dropped from 160.5 to 52.5

  • A sustainable reduction in the need for exclusion
  • Attendance figures at highest level ever 93.7%
  • Significant increase in Level 2 threshhold attainment and a steady improvement in level 2 English and Maths.

  • All students at school have left with a qualification, vast majority with 5 Level 2 qualifications or more.
  • Referrals to progress leaders for incidents of relationship breakdown have dropped by 78% in last 4 years

  • Staff illness with a stress related tag have dropped by 72% over same time period
  • Anti-Social Behaviour figures in past 3 years dropped by 48% in part attributable to climate and ethos that restorative approaches has created in the school
  • Referrals to the local Youth Offending service at an all-time low (only been a single one from the school)

We are signatories to the Restorative Justice Council's Code of Practice for Trainers and thus to National Occupational Standards. Our training courses can be tailored to meet the needs of schools, care homes, youth offending services, and all other agencies supporting children and families.

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